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The Falls Group is a certified installer of synthetic golf greens.   Our greens have the best surface for a natural feel and play.  We can add multiple holes for a variety of putting options. We can customize a green for you to provide you with years of pleasure putting in your own yard with little to no maintenance.  Avoid the mowing, the chemicals, the weeds and expense.  Let The Falls Group show you the options available to you.

We can also install a longer turf for fairways or small or hard to access lawn areas where mowing would be a problem.  If you have a flat roof we could install a synthetic lawn for a comfortable and usable area much cooler than traditional applications.

Synthetic turf is great for pool areas eliminating the need for maintenance or grass in the pool etc.  Because synthetic turf is permeable, it can be used in place of restricted paving where set backs become a problem.  The synthetic lawn areas make a great patio are for tables or chairs without the worry of dying grass or moving furniture to mow.

Call The Falls Group today for a free consultation for your new synthetic golf green or lawn area.